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Alra Naturals Anti-OdoRX

Alra Naturals Anti-OdoRX

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Simple, yet effective, Alra Naturals’ ANTI-ODORx, gives you rest-assured confidence with ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals and always aligned with a high standard of health, safety, and consciousness.

JOIN​ ​our​ ​movement​ with your purchase! For every 10 bottles Alra ANTI-ODORx sold, one will be donated to a Cancer Patient in need.

We also invite you to SPREAD​ our​ ​movement​ by protecting your family and friends! Share your purchase, give​ the gift of health-awareness to your loved ones, and we will gift​ ​you​ with 5% off your purchase. 

Our Non-Metallic Deodorant:

  • Provides effective protection against body odor and underarm wetness
  • Uses Oil of Cypress, which acts as a fragrant astringent
  • Uses Alpine Lichen Extract, which is a natural bactericide and fungicide
  • Contains no aluminum, metallic salts, alum, or crystals


is primarily effective as a powerful inhibitor of gram positive bacteria making it an ideal an ingredient in natural deodorants. Its antibiotic qualities are effective against fungal infections as well.

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