Radiation Dermatitis Treatment

Radiation Dermatitis Treatment and the Soap You Use

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When you or a loved one are undergoing radiation treatment, your doctor will advise you that changes to your skin are likely to occur. While each person’s skin may react differently to treatment, some experiencing little to no side effects and others more serious effects, there are some common conditions doctors have found among patients receiving radiation treatment. For instance, it is not uncommon for your skin in the area being treated to become pink, red, sensitive, or sore. It is important that you consider your skincare routine at this time. Radiation-safe soap, specifically made for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation dermatitis treatment, is a smart choice.  

Looking for a Mild Soap

Because areas of your skin can become irritated and sore, you want to make sure that you shower or bathe regularly using warm water and mild soap. Many of the traditional soaps and body washes you find for sale today contain chemicals and additives that can react badly with your skin when it is in this sensitive state. You may find your regular soap is too harsh and causes further irritation for you, making your skin itchy and dry. Look for mild soap that will not cause further harm, but instead soothes your skin.

Radiation Dermatitis Treatment

Avoid Soaps with Fragrances

When undergoing radiation treatment, use soap that is unscented and free of fragrances. Radiation-safe soap from Alra is an all-vegetable, unscented mild soap made without fragrance. As much as you may love a particular brand for its floral or fresh scent, these fragrances contain chemicals that can make sensitive skin experience allergic reactions, sores, or itching. Soaps that do not use any fragrances and are made with natural ingredients will provide you with all the care you need while mitigating any potential problems.

Choosing the Right Soap

Here at Alra, we understand how beneficial radiation-safe soap can be when you’re undergoing treatment. That is why we have created a gentle, mild, unscented soap that is perfect for patients like yourself or your loved one. Our soap will help soothe damaged skin, provide you with the cleansing you need, and give your skin an extra layer of protection. To find out more about our soap and to order it for yourself, please see our products page so you can place an order today. Alternatively, if you want to talk to one of our Customer Care staff to make an inquiry, they can be reached at (888) 508-ALRA (2572) or email CustomerCare@alra.com.

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