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Better Skin Care Comfort from Our Chemo Kit

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When you have a loved one undergoing chemotherapy, you want to be there to provide them with the love and support they need most at this challenging and difficult time. Making them as comfortable as possible as they face treatments is a goal of yours, whether it is going with them to treatment centers to help see them through, to offering them care when they are at home. One of the harsh side effects of chemotherapy can be the toll it takes on the skin. Chemo can leave the skin red, raw, and hypersensitive, making it uncomfortable to move, sit, and sleep. You can provide your loved one with greater skincare comfort thanks to the chemo kit we offer here at Alra Care Products.

The Effects of Chemo on the Skin

Chemotherapy can be devastating to the skin on your body, leaving the patient with skin irritation that is bothersome and painful. The redness and dryness can stretch from head to toe, leaving the scalp dry and itchy and the skin on the body difficult to even touch. With the help of our skin care products, your loved one can get the soothing treatment they need that can relieve these symptoms, making their skin softer, cooler, and moisturized for greater comfort.

chemo kit

A Kit for Treatment

When you purchase a chemo kit from us at Alra Care Products, you will get four products that are specially formulated to help those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. We offer shampoo for cancer patients that soothes the scalp and helps to stimulate circulation and hair growth. Our therapy lotion eases the skin irritations caused by treatment. The deodorant provided is free of metals and fragrances, making it safe to use during treatment. Finally, the soap in the kit provides the gentle cleansing needed without irritation.

Buy a Kit for a Loved One

Getting a chemo kit from us at Alra Care Products is a fine gift that your loved will greatly appreciate. You can order a kit online here on our site and have it delivered to yourself or your loved one right away so that they can start seeing the benefits. Help them be more comfortable and get soothed by the products that can make a big impact on their life. If you need to make an inquiry or want to send us a message, please send it to, or give us a call at (800) 930-2572 to place your order.

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