shampoo for cancer patients

A Safe Shampoo for Cancer Patients

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Going through chemotherapy and radiation takes a difficult toll on the body in many ways. For many people, the treatment results in the loss of hair and irritation to the scalp. Finding a way to help soothe the scalp while assisting the hair that still exists to keep it clean, shiny and thriving can be a challenge for anyone. There are not many traditional shampoos that may work well for you or your loved one at this time, and you want to find something that is effective and safe to use. Here at Alra Care Products, we have developed shampoo for cancer patients that gives the safety you want while providing the care you need.

Shampoo with Safe Contents

Many of the products you see sold in drug stores and supermarkets today are laden with fragrances, dyes, and other additives that can be harsh on the skin under normal circumstances. For those dealing with chemo and radiation, the skin can be ultra-sensitive and needs special care. Avoiding products that can cause further problems is the last thing you want, which is why we created shampoo using gentle, effective ingredients like Aloe Vera gel, rosemary oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5 so that the scalp gets conditioned safely.

shampoo for cancer patients

A Shampoo Providing Relief

The shampoo for cancer patients we offer here at Alra Care Products is designed to offer relief like no other shampoo. Our product helps to relieve the itching that treatment can cause, and it soothes the scalp, making the skin softer awhile getting rid of the dryness that can cause irritation. The rosemary oil helps to stimulate circulation in the scalp, helping with hair-regrowth, while conditioning your hair along the way.

Order Shampoo from Us

If you would like to get shampoo for cancer patients for yourself or a loved one, place an order with us today here at Alra Care Products. Ordering is easy and secure here on our website, and we can ship your products out to you right away. For any questions you may have about our products, please call our Customer Service line at (877) 265-9092 so one of our representatives can assist you. Alternatively you can send us an email to with your message or inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible. Let us provide you with the shampoo that can make you or your loved one more comfortable.

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