The Importance of Chemo Skin Care

The Importance of Chemo Skin Care

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When you or a loved receives a diagnosis of cancer, you have many important things to think about. Down far on the list is skin care, and it seems like something you should not have to consider very strongly. Unfortunately, caring for your skin is going to become an important part of your daily routine when you are undergoing therapy. Your doctor may make recommendations and changes for you to make regarding what you do and how you tend to your skin. Chemo skin care will be important for you so you can live comfortably, and there are a few aspects you want to keep in mind so you can be sure you take the best approach possible.

Drugs and Skin Damage

The drugs you will use during your chemotherapy treatments will work to kill the cancer cells in your body, but they will also have an impact on the growth of your skin cells. Regular treatment can start to wear on your skin, leaving it looking gray and dull. You are also likely to develop skin that is dry, very sensitive, and red and irritated. While there are cosmetic issues to consider, damaged skin like this can also leave you more prone to infection, meaning you need to be very careful about what you do to your skin.

The Importance of Chemo Skin Care

Finding Proper Skin Care

Implementing a quality chemo skin care routine will help you immensely. You will want to start to rely on moisturizing products that not only help to minimize the irritation and sensitivity you feel, but you want a product that will not interfere with the treatments you receive. You need skin care products that are made from quality ingredients, contain no harsh chemicals or additives, fragrances or preservatives, and contain no metals that can interfere with your treatment.

Quality Skin Care is Here

At Alra, we have worked to create quality chemo skin care products that will serve you well. Our therapy lotion is designed to promote skin cell renewal, ease redness and irritation, and will provide you with the relief you need for your skin. You can learn more about our lotion and other products we offer here on our website so you can place an online order with us, or you can phone us at (877) 265-9092 to speak with customer service and ask questions about how our skin care products can help you.

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