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Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo's botanical formula effectively controls oily scalp and acne, boosting overall scalp health and hair vitality.

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The shampoo provides prolonged control of excess oil,ensuring a clean and fresh scalp throughout the day.

Formulated without silicone oils, alcohol, colorants, synthetic fragrances, sulfate surfactants, and paraben preservatives, ensuring a pure and gentle experience for your hair and scalp.

The formula is enriched with ingredients that possess antibacterial qualities, effectively reducing acne and relieving itchiness.

Suitable for sensitive scalps, it avoids harsh chemicals and irritants, ensuring a gentle cleansing experience and providing relief and comfort.

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1. Antibacterial and Acne Fighting with BMST

Utilizing the Microbial Biofilm Segmentation Technique, this shampoo targets and diminishes scalp bacteria by breaking down protective biofilms of fungi and bacteria. This pivotal process effectively reduces acne and alleviates dandruff, itching, and redness, fostering a healthier and clearer scalp.

2. Restore and Improve Scalp Condition

Nourishes and rejuvenates the scalp, restoring its natural balance and enhancing overall scalp health for sustained well-being, avoiding harsh chemicals like silicone oils and sulfates for a gentle, non-irritating scalp care experience.

3. Improved Hair Texture and Volume

Delivers unparalleled treatment for scalp conditions while infusing hair with noticeable volume, transforming thin, limp strands into robust, textured locks with a cost-effective, cosmeceutical approach.

4. Deep Cleansing Action with Sebum Control

Features a sophisticated blend of surfactants for a deep, thorough cleanse that removes oil and buildup while regulating sebum production. Designed to be gentle enough for sensitive scalps undergoing intensive treatments, ensuring purification without irritation.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth

Infused with rosemary, known for its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, fostering enhanced hair nourishment and accelerated growth, for healthier, fuller hair.

1. Five Combined Surfactants: With a strong blend of five well-selected surfactants, the shampoo works to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair. Say goodbye to grime, oil, and other buildup.

2. Microbial Biofilm Segmentation Technique: What sets apart the Mild Conditioning Shampoo from other traditional shampoos on the market is the use of specific surfactants to break down fungal biofilms in the scalp. This actively reduces the development of scalp conditions caused by fungi.

3. Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil is one of the most vital ingredients to this shampoo’s formula. Not only does it promote hair regrowth, but it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to heal and soothe the scalp.

4. Panthenol: Also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, Panthenol provides long-lasting moisturization to hair, thickens hair, removes split ends, and also improves any damage hair has sustained from chemical and mechanical procedures.

5. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice:This dynamic ingredient does it all. Rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B12, as well as containing essential minerals such as copper and zinc, aloe vera leaf juice provides instant cooling relief to the scalp while promoting hair growth.

6. Additional Clean Ingredients:Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo contains mild cleansers and foaming agents that are derived from safe all-natural sources. This includes coconut oil, which has been found to effectively stimulate beneficial scalp bacteria growth in both healthy and dandruff-affected scalps.

Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo is silicone-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free, synthetic fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and free of parabens. Nurture your scalp and hair with this gentle but thoroughly effective shampoo containing only clean ingredients.

Lightweight Fluid Texture: Provides a luxurious sensation while keeping your hair light and free.

Natural Fragrance: No Artificial Fragrance. Enjoy an invigorating and natural scent that complements your hair care routine, not overpowering it.

Daily Use:

1.Pre-Wash: Initially use a small amount to cleanse surface oils and dust from the scalp, then rinse thoroughly.

2.Secondary Wash: Apply more shampoo, lather, and massage into the scalp for 1-3 minutes, then rinse completely.

3.Drying: Blow-dry your hair as usual.

Weekly Ritual: Alternate 1-2 times a week with Alra Nourish and Hydrate Shampoo for enhanced hydration, silky strength, and frizz-free hair, balancing our mild-conditioning shampoo's cleansing power.

Targeted Care: Use in conjunction with Alra Hydrating and Detangling Conditioner to nourish the hair while leaving hair strands soft and shiny.