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Our Story

Alra, short for “All Radiation”, is a specialty cosmetic line with a 30-year history of providing skin and hair care products for patients to help and relieve the effects of radiation treatments and chemotherapy. The company evolved from personal needs when, in 1987, two close friends were treated for breast cancer and had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy, one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.  Neither of their oncologists had a recommendation to soothe the skin irritations, including redness, dermatitis, itching, and dryness they each were experiencing in the treatment area.
An experienced European cosmetic chemist and his wife, a Radiation Oncologist at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center, collaborated to create the finest skin care lotion, medically proven to be calming and restorative, with ingredients in high concentrations for efficacy. Alra Therapy Lotion was tested on individuals, then proven safe and effective for cancer patients during and after treatment.  

The positive response to Alra led to the creation of two additional care products, our Non-Metallic Deodorant and the Mild Conditioning Shampoo. The deodorant does not contain any metallic ingredients that could interfere with radiation therapy treatment, while the extra-mild shampoo with rosemary oil and plant-derived aloe vera gel promotes stimulating scalp circulation, hair retention and re-growth for individuals during chemotherapy.

The latest addition to our product range is the All Vegetable Unscented Mild Soap, a moisturizing body wash specifically designed for sensitive, irritated skin.

Just recently, we implemented innovative packaging, an airtight pump container system made in Germany, to avoid using parabens that might irritate skin with special needs. This advanced packaging technology has converted Therapy Lotion to a self-preserving product that has a long shelf life and does not require any harsh preservatives.

We give a portion of our proceeds to various support organizations, such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation™, the Wellness Community, and the American Cancer Society™.

Alra and their team are proud of providing the finest skin care products to help relieve the side effects of cancer treatment, both for women and men. We will continue to keep our products fragrance free, avoid using drying alcohol or other potentially irritating ingredients to create unique, mild products of the highest quality.

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