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Our Story

Alra Care Products is a scientifically natural skin and hair care product brand with a 30-year history of helping cancer patients soothe and relieve the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

ALRA, short for “All Radiation,” evolved from a personal, life-altering experience when, in 1987, two close friends were treated for breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments; one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. Neither of their Oncologists had a recommendation to soothe the skin irritations they were both experiencing, including redness, dermatitis, itching and dryness.

One of these women happened to be married to an experienced European cosmetic chemist, who after witnessing his wife's pain and discomfort during her cancer treatment, decided to collaborate with a Radiation Oncologist at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center to create the finest skin care lotion medically proven to be both calming and restorative. Using scientifically natural ingredients with high concentrations for efficacy, and tested on humans not animals, this lotion proved safe and effective for cancer patients during and after treatment.This lotion would later be known as Alra Care Products Therapy Lotion

The overwhelming, positive response received upon the introduction of the Alra Care Products Therapy Lotion, led to the creation of two additional products, our Non-Metallic Deodorant and Mild Conditioning Shampoo.

Today, Alra Care Products includes an All Vegetable Unscented Mild Soap and Lip Remedy among its extended product line, with more select products planned for release in the very near future.

                                                                       M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

"To empower people to live better, healthier lives by providing scientifically natural product innovations for their personal care and grooming."

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