Alra Skincare
Alra Skincare
Alra Aluminum-free Deodorant
aluminum-free deodorant
olive serum
Alra olive serum

Why Trust Alra?

While the natural scent of Alra's products may differ from the heavily fragranced ones offered in the industry, this distinction emphasizes our commitment to clean ingredients over unnecessary additives (artificial fragrances, colors, alcohol, metals, parabens, etc.), as we prioritize real benefits over the allure of mere cosmetic appeal.

Alra promises product safety for our customers.

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Alra Skincare
Alra Skincare

From Our Customers' Hearts:


"I have stage three ovarian cancer. At this stage, the chemo caused so much stringiness, my awesome hairdresser came to my home and shaved it. One of the side effects is itching. So, I thought I should try this. It has given me relief and kept my cap soft and supple. Thank you for creating this product." - Phoenix Mom

aluminum-free deodorant

Alra Deodorant lasts the entire day, and I've experienced no irritation. I stay confidently dry without a hint of residue, which is a must-buy for my daily comfort. For those who battle with sweat, this is your silver bullet!

face moisturizer

My skin is dry and sensitive,sometimes even gets red. Alra Therapy Lotion is very refreshing, and is easily absorbed. when I use it before going to bed, my skin feels as moist as a peeled egg the next day. The ingredients are also very clean, even suitable for sensitive skin as me. It is the best moisturizing lotion I have ever used!-Polina Swift

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